To support others like me and to raise money for such a rare disease.



I have been developing different ways to raise awareness in Pennsylvania about the rare disease called lymphangiomatosis. We have had a Golf Outing and A Benefit. Thanks to the LGDAlliance .org I have been united with others like me. Now we need to go a step further and reach all 50 state to let doctors know what this disease is.



Weather you want to call these two diseases the same or different they are both very rare and very distructive. I have Lypmhangiomatosis in my skull, vertebrae, ribs, left arm, right leg, pelvis, spleen, and  tonsils which is part of the lymphatic system. You can read my story on the about me tab of this website.

They say you can make a different one step at a time. My new theory is you can make a difference one state at a time.



What is Lymphangiomatosis and Gorham’s Disease?

This page gives you a definition of both Diseases.